Why The Fearless Dollar?

why the fearless dollar

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Men and women both confront fear head on every day. Whether it’s acts of bravery, choices of integrity, facing insecurities, taking a stand for someone else, or make a sacrifice for a person important to you, we are faced with all kinds of challenges thrown at us every day. It’s the tough choices that often define who we are.

John and I started the Men’s Lifestyle site FearlessMen.com over a year ago. A recurring theme there is having confidence, overcoming fear, as well as getting your finances in order. It’s central to what a lot of men feel they are defined by.

It’s Not Just For Men

We’ve discovered that, literally, half of Fearless Men’s readers are women. Many have approached us saying that if we simply inverted the subject matter it would apply directly to them.

Courage – Not Fear—When it comes to your finances

We’ve also got feedback that men, and women, don’t just struggle with confidence in every day circumstances or life-changing decisions. But that they also are challenged with confidence when it comes to knowing what to do with their money, knowingly being confident that they are making the right financial decisions, and having the courage to overcome debt.

Become Wise With Your Money

When your income gets deposited into your bank account, it’s time to look those numbers straight in the face. Maybe they’re low, maybe they’re high.  It doesn’t matter, at Fearless Dollar we want to educate in the following:

  • How to make informed personal finance decisions that will make your money grow
  • How to have the courage to overcome debt
  • How to be wise with your money
  • How to invest your time, your money, your very life into what is most important!

On top of all that, we want to write specifically to men and women and their gender’s fears when it comes to finances.

How Money Affects Men and Women Differently

Men can allow their character and self-worth to be defined by their financial status and what possessions they have. We’re going to write about that—the emotions associated with men and money, and the false perceptions.

Women can allow worry to consume that spot in the back of their minds about what is going on with their family financially. Some women readers have asked us to write about how to ask for a raise for work, how to learn to say “No” and how to be confident that when they pursue life-goals—financially, relationally and with their careers—how to do so confidently while overcoming fear.

John and I have both seen the world. From Japan, to India, to Central America, to Eastern Europe and all across the US and Canada. There’s been a ton of adventure and lessons learned. We hope to bring more light and add something to people’s lives.

Money isn’t the only thing that’s important in this life. But we know it’s hard to move forward with your bigger goals and aspirations without having your financial life in order. We want to lend you a helping hand. And we want your ideas, feedback, thoughts and inspiration as we push forward on this journey.

Our Very Best,

Todd and John

Fearless Men

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  1. “Men can allow their character and self-worth to be defined by their financial status and what possessions they have.” This is such a challenge to fight against every day as we look around and see our co-workers moving on to more lucrative jobs and our neighbors compiling more and more stuff. It’s incredibly easy to succumb to those self-imposed pressures. Looking forward to the new site!

    • Thanks for pointing that out! I hope that we can bring a meaningful message on top of personal finance insight that’s really helpful!


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