Three Important Things to Do When You’re Moving to Another House

Moving house is undoubtedly a stressful time. You need to juggle a huge amount of additional organisation and work, in addition to your usual job and responsibilities if you want to make your move work, as well as keep the rest of your life running smoothly.

Today, we’re helping you prioritise but identifying three of the most vital things you may have forgotten about, and shouldn’t ignore to make sure you move house without losing sleep.

Storage Facilities

One of the best ways to cut down stress on moving day is to find a local storage facility to keep your bulkier, nonessential items. That means when the day comes to actually move into your new house, you only have to worry about transferring the essentials you really need, and there’s less risk of breakages, delays and stress. You can collect your stored items and display them once you’re moved in, at your leisure.

Some storage companies even include the pick up and delivery of your stored items as part of the service, so you can use them as a removal company into the bargain! Visit for more details!

Moving Furniture

This will still leave you with a lot to move on the day. You can’t begin to plan this to soon, and it’s important to make sure your plans fit their needs.

If you’re moving a full family home, full of furniture and precious mementoes, it’s well worth hiring a removal firm: they have the expertise to move large quantities quickly and safely, and you’ll be surprised at the efficiency with which they can pack a van, and unload it at the other end in your new home.

If you’re moving from one rented room to another, professional movers may represent overkill. Recruiting a couple of willing friends with a car, or a hired van may fit the bill better, and save you a bit of money into the bargain.


One of the most important bits of admin you can do in advance of moving is to inform your utility providers that you’re moving, allowing you to pay your final bills, and either transfer your account to your new property or start with fresh companies when you move.

Failure to do this could leave you liable for bills incurred after you leave the property, and it’s often a requirement from estate agents to prove you have done this to avoid creating problems for future tenants. It’s worth checking with your new estate agents that the outgoing tenants or owners of your new home have been just as diligent.

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