The Positives of a Daily Watch List

Finding stocks to trade can be a time-consuming and arduous process. It takes effort to research all tons of companies and come up with angles on all of them. That is why it helps to have a daily watch list.

Warrior Trader students have access to the teachers’ chat rooms, which are a fantastic resource for learning about trading. But it is also a great place to pick up tips on hot stocks, because the teachers post a daily watch list of stocks to watch.

Many times, stocks on the list are “gapping up” which means that they are opening higher than they closed yesterday. That represents a great opportunity to jump on a stock that is about to be juiced by an earnings report or some other bit of news. And the key here is stocks that trade between $2 and $10. Small-cap and penny stocks are great money makers for day traders.

The key to identifying stocks to trade when it comes to small and penny stocks is entering as quickly as possible. That is why it helps to see a daily watch list put together by pros every morning.

It is one of the best parts of being in the Warrior Trading family. Take a long look at and you will find all sorts of jargon and terminology that might throw you for a loop. But once you begin to enter that world and immerse yourself, you will start to understand it like a native language. And that is when the profits show themselves.

Now, sometimes, Ross and the guys won’t have a daily watch list, because there won’t be any promising stocks on the horizon. But they have other strategies to get going on days like that. There are all sorts of tools that can show you stocks ready to rock and roll as the day moves on. But the early morning momentum gatherers are great to jump on right away.

Which is why you want to get into Warrior’s trading chat room and get the skinny on the daily watch list. Hot stocks are hard to come by in the day trading world. Warrior Trading has the knowledge, research acumen and experience to put out a list of wonderful stocks to trade every single day. You just need to be in with the crowd to get in the know.

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