How Trustworthy is Google for Financial Advice?


Between work and personal stuff I probably use Google on average 30 times a day. When I have a financial question, especially during tax season, I Google it. When I’m looking for retirement saving strategies and advice, I Google it.

But Google itself is not a source of financial advice. Google is an aggregation of articles, blog posts and websites that provide information on financial subjects.

Over the years we have come to depend on Google to guide us to those sites that are relative to what we are searching for. Google has a daunting task. There are millions of financial sites offering advice, and Google has been constantly refining their search engines so as to provide customers with the best possible results…not an easy task.
When do we know that the site Google took us to, I clicked on one of the top 3 search results, is accurate and reliable? by the name we know who they are and can trust the information on that site. But Fearless Dollar? Who is John and Todd? We write about personal financial advice from our personal experiences. How does that help you?

The Personal Finance Advice Guru

Is there such a thing as a personal finance guru? There are a lot of good sources for advice on finances. The question is, what type of advice do you need? Is it tax planning? Are you looking for long-term investments for retirement?

I have found many answer to my questions online, for free, from some of the following sources:

  • Christian Personal Finance and Mr Money Mustache
  • Motley Fool and Morning Star – Stocks
  • Vanguard – Retirement Brokerage Account
  • Yahoo and Google Finance sites
  • Taxes –

There’s an endless wealth of information in just the sources listed above. If you’re struggling with debt, then you will find information for debt consolidation, debt settlement, and other options for managing debt. Want to boost your credit score? Ask others how they did it. If you just want to know how to setup a budget, there are plenty of articles from pros and personal finance bloggers available online.

Personal Finance Advisors – some people find having a single source the best solution for their financial needs. In this case hiring a financial advisor could be the perfect solution. They’re certified and can do most of the work for you.

The Do-It-Yourself Organizer

There’s nothing like controlling your own finances. It takes some work, but you gain a wealth of knowledge that you were never taught in school, and you know exactly where your money’s at.

The key is knowing where to go when you do need advice. If you need advice about taxes or IRA rules and regulations, then you go to the source that makes the rules, the IRS.

If you’re befuddled about what investments you should choose for a particular situation, then you should contact your broker.

There’s never been a better time for self directed financial advice. Google is a great resource for finding financial information and they do have a Google apps marketplace for finance, which looks useful.

There’s nobody who will take care of your finances better than you – line up your resources, get educated, and control your own financial destiny.

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  1. I find the internet is a great way to open my eyes to see how others are going about budgeting, investing and doing other things with their finances. We don’t know what we don’t know, so reading others thoughts and opinions on certain topics can provide a new perspective and better results for what your are trying to achieve.

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