Saying No to the Almighty Dollar

This is a guest post by Hannah @ Preciously Preserved. If you’re interested in guest posting please read our guest posting policy and then contact us. Spending more than you make is a common problem; especially here in the U.S.  We are a nation driven by consumerism.  Credit card companies haven’t made it hard to attain instant gratification […]

A Budget for the Last Minute Shopper

Can you believe that it is already November?  I feel like we just celebrated Christmas and now we are approaching Thanksgiving.  Time seems to fly and if you are like most shoppers you probably tend to wait till the last minute to get those presents for your family.  Well, here are a few ways you […]

5 Frugal Autumn Activities

Doesn’t fall just have a special aura about it? There’s a nip in the air, the leaves are changing colors, and you no longer need to order a cold drink at Starbucks. That pumpkin spice latte awaits you! But even more than that there are so many fun and frugal activities for you and your […]

How to Keep You & Your Bank Account Smiling During the Holidays

The holidays are months away, but it is never too early to start planning ahead.  Trust me, your wallet will thank you.  If you’re a procrastinator when it comes to gifts or even budgeting make this year different!  Follow these tips and hopefully you won’t feel like the holidays have put a drain on your […]

10 Free Ways to Have Fun

Have you ever wanted to do something without taking out your credit card and swiping? I think most families would agree that saving money is high on their priority list especially if they have kids. So, I have compiled 10 free activities that don’t cost a dime! 1. Go to the beach – My husband and I […]

Organic vs Non-Organic

The choice between buying organic vs non-organic is a constant debate in my household.  If finances allowed I would be purchasing organic meat, vegetables and fruit.  However, how practical is that?  And is it even doing you any good? Many products are now labeled “organic” to make their label seem more palatable.  They are often […]

Advice for Holiday Tipping and Gift Card Giving

This is a guest post. If interested in submitting a Personal Finance Blog Guest Post please read our guest posting policy and then contact us. Tipping during the holiday season to those who provide you a service all year long is a polite and generous acknowledgment of your appreciation for their service. Year-end holiday tipping to those you’ve received […]

The Cost of Materialism. Can you really afford it?

Are you a victim of materialism? What is materialism? Materialism is the overwhelming desire to buy material goods. Enhancing ones social status through buying and accumulating material wealth. Lock the Doors, Close the Shades, Turn Off the Lights This is the scenario used when people want to lay low, be left alone. But with technology […]

How much to spend on a first date? [Voting Polls Open]

I’m going to start off with clearing up an often heated discussion – yes, the man should pay for the first date. So while this articles title might seem to be geared towards men only, it’s for our women readers too. How much would you expect your date to spend on you? $25, $50 or […]

Here’s How I’m Never Going to Pay for an iPhone Again

Guess what I just bought on Friday? The new iPhone 5S. Nope, I’m not an Apple fanatic. I don’t own a Mac laptop–didn’t you know that Macs are overpriced PCs? I had a work iPad. Which was awesome. Now I don’t have that work iPad. I’ve never stood in an Apple iPhone opening day line […]