Can President Obama Do Anything About Gas Prices?

I’ve been frustrated with the state of American politics and government of late. I’m guessing you have been as well. I think both sides of the political spectrum deserve critique. In fact, I find it very sad that I even define it as “two sides”, rather than 5 sides, or 10 sides, or 20 parties. […]

How Much Does Lyft Cost? A Little Hint on the Ride-Sharing Service’s Pricing

Just two weeks ago I used the new ride-sharing service “Lyft” for the first time. I heard it was cheaper than a taxi and extremely convenient. What’s the catch? Well, none. I searched endlessly online and could not find the answer to “How much does Lyft cost?” Immediately I decided to try them out for […]

Inspiration To Trump Fear and Take Your Money Further

Right now I’m laying in bed with a cold craving chicken nuggets. I hate McDonald’s and all it’s done to fast track the assault on healthy eating. Yet, I still love me some McNuggets. I was sick enough that for second breakfast (lunchtime) I cooked bacon and eggs. Well, 2 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, […]