6 Tips on How To Be Courageous Getting Out of Debt

Whenever I think of debt my brow furrows, my head starts to hurt, and I tack on a few more wrinkles. I’ve now aged 10 years in a matter of seconds. At least this is how it feels. Many of us work hard and take each day head on. No questions asked. But ask us […]

Inspiration To Trump Fear and Take Your Money Further

Right now I’m laying in bed with a cold craving chicken nuggets. I hate McDonald’s and all it’s done to fast track the assault on healthy eating. Yet, I still love me some McNuggets. I was sick enough that for second breakfast (lunchtime) I cooked bacon and eggs. Well, 2 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, […]

Why The Fearless Dollar?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Men and women both confront fear head on every day. Whether it’s acts of bravery, choices of integrity, facing insecurities, taking a stand for someone else, or make a sacrifice for a person important to you, we are faced with all kinds of challenges thrown at us every day. It’s […]