Saying No to the Almighty Dollar

This is a guest post by Hannah @ Preciously Preserved. If you’re interested in guest posting please read our guest posting policy and then contact us. Spending more than you make is a common problem; especially here in the U.S.  We are a nation driven by consumerism.  Credit card companies haven’t made it hard to attain instant gratification […]

The First Step to Annihilate Your Debt

Debt is like having a millstone attached to your neck while you are trying to go on about your daily life.  It isn’t pleasurable and it is often very painful.  It causes stress and it adds more financial pressure to your household than there needs to be.  It can also cause strain in your relationships.  […]

5 Tips that Helped Me Graduate College Debt Free

Graduating college is not easy.  But graduating debt free is an even greater feat to accomplish.  I knew that when I signed up for my first course.  However, as daunting as it all seemed, I trucked along determined to not only complete college, but to complete it without debt. You can graduate college debt free […]

What Is APR? A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Annual Percentage Rates [Infographic]

I’m no fan of Bank of America whatsoever, but they’re doing us a solid here by creating this “What Is APR” Infographic. If you’re like millions of credit card holders, you may not know exactly what APR is or how it’s calculated. Reading this little Beginner’s Guide will be helpful. You know that people are […]

Avoid the Debt Collector

Debt collectors are supposed to abide by the rules set forth in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Old practices such as harassing you at work, calling you late at night, calling your employer, and threatening you with false information are forbidden. This act applies to third party collectors as well. Some states have […]

3 Steps to Reduce Debt Stress

If you are a little ambivalent about debt, you’re not alone. Most of us like to use credit, but hate it when the bills come due. Sometimes debt problems are self inflicted and other times it’s due to circumstances beyond our control, whatever the reasons if you are experiencing sleepless nights, headaches, stomach aches and […]

Credit Card Pitfalls

Credit cards were introduced as early as the 1900’s by department stores and oil companies. These propritary cards were created to build customer loyalty. It wasn’t until 1946 that a universal credit card called Charg-It came into use, and now we view credit cards as a matter of convenience. Who could have known that this little piece […]

When You’ll Finally Care About Your Credit Score

I’ve seen a lot out there about how to fix your credit score, how to stop destroying your credit score, and how to check your credit score. If everyone knows that credit scores are such a big deal, then why are people struggling with them? Well, yes, for one they are somewhat complicated to understand. […]

Too Much Arguing? 5 Financial Arguments to Avoid With Family & Friends

Hey, face it. Financial arguments are a reality. It’s unfortunate. The truth is that finances are rarely the true center of an argument – it’s the way the two parties handle the situation. Misunderstandings, poor communication, or someone venturing out too far on their own can cause sticky money situations. You’ll never have a say […]

Money Mistakes That Will Poison You

Don’t burn yourself financially with bad financial mistakes. I’ve made some, and if I had just been more diligent and attentive I could have avoided them. I recently was reading a post by Tortoise Banker about Protecting Your A$$ets and Income and he truly inspired this post. Being Uninsured In any regard. Having no car […]