What Is APR? A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Annual Percentage Rates [Infographic]

I’m no fan of Bank of America whatsoever, but they’re doing us a solid here by creating this “What Is APR” Infographic. If you’re like millions of credit card holders, you may not know exactly what APR is or how it’s calculated. Reading this little Beginner’s Guide will be helpful. You know that people are […]

Why Cash Flow Analysis Must Be Mastered

Cash Flow is King Think about that statement for a second. What does it mean to you? Some of my wandering thoughts are my employers cash flow and I hope it doesn’t run out. There’s my cash flow that I think about more when looking at my budget. There’s the government shutdown we just endured. […]

How Investors Lose Out To Emotion [Infographic]

Investor emotion can be a dangerous thing. Without insight, knowledge, and setting parameters and limits, emotions can flood even the sharpest investor. A key is to remove as much of the emotional component as you can (setting limits, stops, etc). How do investors lose to emotion? Euphoria leads to Confidence: A buyer jumps in and […]

Pitfalls for First-Time Homebuyers [Infographic]

You may be surprised to hear how many single people are entering the housing market and buying a home. ┬áThe Nation Association of Realtors said in 2012 that 25% of all home purchases last year were made by solo homebuyers. That may seem a bit surprising as it is often difficult for single-income households to […]