Three Important Things to Do When You’re Moving to Another House

Moving house is undoubtedly a stressful time. You need to juggle a huge amount of additional organisation and work, in addition to your usual job and responsibilities if you want to make your move work, as well as keep the rest of your life running smoothly. Today, we’re helping you prioritise but identifying three of […]

What Are the Root Cause of Bad Credit History?

Good credit rating is something that most of us adults work hard to achieve. With good credit your financial life is easier — lenders are more considerate to your requests and better interest rates for when you need to borrow money become more easily accessible. But sometimes, life happens and all of a sudden you […]

The Resume Gets You the Interview, But You Get Yourself the Job

Reader Question: I’m a well-educated woman who is applying for jobs in a competitive market. How do I market myself to be competitive with my male equivalents? – Jasmin Jasmin, I hate that you even need to ask this question. I wish that in 2013 we as women were able to just apply for a […]

Why You Shouldn’t Go To Work Sick

Americans pride themselves on hard work. We celebrate people that push through illness to accomplish a goal. But should we really? When Michael Jordan scored 37 points during the 1997 NBA Finals “Flu Game” people nearly worshipped him as a god. It was pretty incredible. But for us regular office warriors, should we really spill […]

Movember Time and the Dollar Shave Club Give-A-Way

My beard has grown to Duck Dynasty proportions. “No Shave” November is a great month for me to be socially accepted with a completely mountain-esque beard. Sunday alone I got at least nine compliments on a beard that only a couple weeks prior looked quite “unemployed”. What is this “No Shave” madness? It’s Movember of […]

Financial Mistakes: Let Fear Drive You To Never Repeat Them

Got any major financial mistakes you’d like to never repeat again? I sure do. Fear can be a good thing when it keeps you from repeating them. Financial mistakes seem to be more popular today than in the past. We don’t all make the same ones but recently it’s been a common theme to spend […]

Too Much Arguing? 5 Financial Arguments to Avoid With Family & Friends

Hey, face it. Financial arguments are a reality. It’s unfortunate. The truth is that finances are rarely the true center of an argument – it’s the way the two parties handle the situation. Misunderstandings, poor communication, or someone venturing out too far on their own can cause sticky money situations. You’ll never have a say […]

Am I less of a man if I’m in debt?

There’s a dirty little word called “debt” that has brought many a man to tears and shame. You might not see it because no man boasts of it. “Hey, I’m 5k dollars in credit card debt” – boasted no one ever. This is not the same as saying with pride that you purchased a home. But debt […]

Inspiration To Trump Fear and Take Your Money Further

Right now I’m laying in bed with a cold craving chicken nuggets. I hate McDonald’s and all it’s done to fast track the assault on healthy eating. Yet, I still love me some McNuggets. I was sick enough that for second breakfast (lunchtime) I cooked bacon and eggs. Well, 2 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, […]

Why Men Need to be Fearless with Their Dollar

If you saved one hundred dollars and buried it 6 feet deep under your houses floor boards it won’t go anywhere. Add a biometric safe to this plan and you’re set. No one will steal it and even you’ll be deterred to not spend it because of how hard it’ll be to retrieve it. What’s […]