How Much Does Lyft Cost? A Little Hint on the Ride-Sharing Service’s Pricing

Just two weeks ago I used the new ride-sharing service “Lyft” for the first time. I heard it was cheaper than a taxi and extremely convenient. What’s the catch? Well, none. I searched endlessly online and could not find the answer to “How much does Lyft cost?” Immediately I decided to try them out for […]

Getting Courage To Look Ahead and Take Action for Your Retirement

If you’ve been pondering retirement and what you’re going to do in your golden years then you’ve probably come up with a few ideas. The most common strategies available are a 401k plan, pension plan, IRA’s (Roth or Traditional) and investing in the stock market. For a few their strategy might be relying on social […]

Here’s How I’m Never Going to Pay for an iPhone Again

Guess what I just bought on Friday? The new iPhone 5S. Nope, I’m not an Apple fanatic. I don’t own a Mac laptop–didn’t you know that Macs are overpriced PCs? I had a work iPad. Which was awesome. Now I don’t have that work iPad. I’ve never stood in an Apple iPhone opening day line […]

6 Tips on How To Be Courageous Getting Out of Debt

Whenever I think of debt my brow furrows, my head starts to hurt, and I tack on a few more wrinkles. I’ve now aged 10 years in a matter of seconds. At least this is how it feels. Many of us work hard and take each day head on. No questions asked. But ask us […]

Inspiration To Trump Fear and Take Your Money Further

Right now I’m laying in bed with a cold craving chicken nuggets. I hate McDonald’s and all it’s done to fast track the assault on healthy eating. Yet, I still love me some McNuggets. I was sick enough that for second breakfast (lunchtime) I cooked bacon and eggs. Well, 2 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, […]

Why Men Need to be Fearless with Their Dollar

If you saved one hundred dollars and buried it 6 feet deep under your houses floor boards it won’t go anywhere. Add a biometric safe to this plan and you’re set. No one will steal it and even you’ll be deterred to not spend it because of how hard it’ll be to retrieve it. What’s […]

Why Women Need to be Fearless with Their Dollar

This is a post from Catherine at, where she shares her family’s story of emerging from and overcoming debt. She’s a regular contributor at numerous personal finance blogs and now she wants to bring her voice to women and why they need to be fearless, and mindful, when it comes to money. Do you […]

Why The Fearless Dollar?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Men and women both confront fear head on every day. Whether it’s acts of bravery, choices of integrity, facing insecurities, taking a stand for someone else, or make a sacrifice for a person important to you, we are faced with all kinds of challenges thrown at us every day. It’s […]