Can President Obama Do Anything About Gas Prices?

I’ve been frustrated with the state of American politics and government of late. I’m guessing you have been as well. I think both sides of the political spectrum deserve critique. In fact, I find it very sad that I even define it as “two sides”, rather than 5 sides, or 10 sides, or 20 parties. […]

Movember Time and the Dollar Shave Club Give-A-Way

My beard has grown to Duck Dynasty proportions. “No Shave” November is a great month for me to be socially accepted with a completely mountain-esque beard. Sunday alone I got at least nine compliments on a beard that only a couple weeks prior looked quite “unemployed”. What is this “No Shave” madness? It’s Movember of […]

Is Private School The Right Choice For My Family?

Intellectual stimulation, one of the purposes behind school. And now the greatest question of them all – what kind of school is best for my family? I don’t have any children so it’s not a decision I need to make right now. I do like to plan ahead and reading all these personal finance blogs […]

Giveaway from Mo Money Mo Houses!

Are you or a loved one getting married soon? Don’t miss out on saving a bit with this giveaway from Mo Money Mo Houses! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Divorce, Mortgages and Your Money: What To Do Financially If You’re Left Out in the Cold

No one embarks on marriage with divorce in mind, but the reality is that more than half of all marriage will fail. For some, divorce is amicable while others go through years of messy heartache and pain. What to do financially following a divorce may leave a few questions unanswered.  Divorce and Personal Finances Open […]

Financial Mistakes: Let Fear Drive You To Never Repeat Them

Got any major financial mistakes you’d like to never repeat again? I sure do. Fear can be a good thing when it keeps you from repeating them. Financial mistakes seem to be more popular today than in the past. We don’t all make the same ones but recently it’s been a common theme to spend […]

When You’ll Finally Care About Your Credit Score

I’ve seen a lot out there about how to fix your credit score, how to stop destroying your credit score, and how to check your credit score. If everyone knows that credit scores are such a big deal, then why are people struggling with them? Well, yes, for one they are somewhat complicated to understand. […]

Why Cash Flow Analysis Must Be Mastered

Cash Flow is King Think about that statement for a second. What does it mean to you? Some of my wandering thoughts are my employers cash flow and I hope it doesn’t run out. There’s my cash flow that I think about more when looking at my budget. There’s the government shutdown we just endured. […]

Too Much Arguing? 5 Financial Arguments to Avoid With Family & Friends

Hey, face it. Financial arguments are a reality. It’s unfortunate. The truth is that finances are rarely the true center of an argument – it’s the way the two parties handle the situation. Misunderstandings, poor communication, or someone venturing out too far on their own can cause sticky money situations. You’ll never have a say […]

How much to spend on a first date? [Voting Polls Open]

I’m going to start off with clearing up an often heated discussion – yes, the man should pay for the first date. So while this articles title might seem to be geared towards men only, it’s for our women readers too. How much would you expect your date to spend on you? $25, $50 or […]