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In the packed world of Personal Finance blogs we want to cut to the heart of what working men and women struggle with when it comes to finances: courage to overcome debt and build an even brighter future.

Fearless Dollar is a part of the Fearless Men family of websites. Fearless Men is a Men’s Lifestyle Blog on manly topics to refine, sharpen and challenge men to become better men. For over a year and a half now Todd and John have been writing that blog for those interested in Manly topics that haven’t bought into today’s status quo for men. Macho-sized, overtly sexualized, brash and brazen manhood is on the defining forefront of men’s magazines and websites. Sure, a man can be strong, buff and bold, but does he take responsibility and live with the consequences? Is he standing out and stepping up in today’s world?

So Why The Fearless Dollar?

In order to become a better man a guy first needs to work on his character. His health and confidence are also paramount. But we can’t neglect how important having your finances in order is important to manhood.

We have found out that 50% of Fearless Men’s readers are women. Many of our most loyal followers and those that give us some of the most insightful feedback are female readers. And we thought–the same things that burdening Men about finances are burdening Women as well. Why not write to both?

There’s a lot of financial illiteracy in this country. And a lot of fear for our financial futures. The Fearless Dollar strives to help men and women educate themselves financially, make their money grow, and to have the courage to overcome debt.

In the words of John Wayne:

             “Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.”


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