15 Money Saving Tips

money saving tipsAre you trying to cut back expenses and live a more frugal lifestyle? Are you trying to destroy your debt and get back on track financially? Well, here are some great money saving tips that will propel you toward your goals and put some more cash back into your pocket!

1. Turn down your thermostat. Layer your clothes in the winter and shed the clothes in the summer. Turn your fans on when it’s hot and open some windows.

2. Did you know you could turn down your hot water heater? Most are set to 140 degree, but if you set it to 120 you could save a lot more money and you won’t run the risk of scalding yourself!

3. Use your laptop instead of your home computer. Because your laptop runs on batteries it can save you money. Your home computer is using electricity since it’s plugged into the wall.

4. Make your own household cleaners! I know I do. A little vinegar and baking soda work just fine. I also love my Norwex cloths. They have saved me a bundle. They are self-sanitizing and I don’t have to worry about transferring any germs from let’s say the chicken sauce on the counter to my pan in the sink. They seriously are amazing! Plus, not only are you saving money, but you aren’t harming yourself or your kiddos with harmful toxins.

5. Why buy new when you can buy used? Need some workout equipment? Or even a washer or dryer? Look on craigslist! You would be amazed at what you find for dirt cheap.

6. Try doing a no-spend weekend, or even a no-spend week! See how much money you can save by trying not to spend a dime. You’ll be amazing at how the little things really did add up.

7. Make your own gifts instead of buying them. This last Christmas I made homemade beeswax candles for my family. They are not only non-toxic, but they are more heartfelt than a gift card or a purchased item. You can make anything homemade and Pinterest most definitely makes it easier!

8. Shop alone. I know for me my spouse randomly adds things to the cart that I would never purchase. He can be a bad influence! Shop alone and stick to your list. This will save a ton of money!

9. If you are traveling why not find a grocery store and load up on some sandwich items and foods you can easily eat in a hotel room. Hubby and I do this when we are on vacation so we won’t be eating every meal out. This saves so much money and makes the trip even more enjoyable because you know you aren’t going to come home to a huge credit card bill.

10. Use points for airfare! Only sign up for credit cards that offer free flights or free hotel stays. My husband and I never pay to fly! Make sure you do it well in advance to ensure you can use your points in time for a trip. And remember: don’t close your credit cards immediately after paying them off so you don’t get pinged on your credit score!

11. Designate going out to a restaurant for only special occasions. Make eating out a once a month treat and set a budget for how much you will spend.

12. Invest in a Costco card! Costco has saved us a bundle of money and we don’t have to keep picking up food at a Ralph’s or Vons’ every week. When you buy in bulk you are less likely to need things as frequently and you won’t be walking out of the store with unnecessary items.

13. Take a snack with you and a bottle of water whenever you have errands to make! This way you won’t have the craving to go out to eat or buy unnecessary items at the store just because you’re hungry.

14. Cancel your cable. Cable is far too overpriced and who needs to be watching all of those shows anyway? Instead invest in a gym membership, get off the couch, and go work out! Or go to a local park with your family instead. If you want to watch a show or a movie try watching it from a free online source.

15. Cancel your magazine subscriptions and go to the library! The library has tons of free magazines you can read. Even better, pick up a book and check it out!

I hope these money saving tips have helped you reevaluate what you spend your money on and I hope they will help you save money in the future. The little things really do add up! Consider what you’re spending and most importantly, make a budget! Use apps like Mint to your advantage and track your spending. You’ll be on your way to a debt free life in no time at all!

This is a guest post by Hannah @ Preciously Preserved. If you’re interested in guest posting please read our guest posting policy and then contact us.

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  1. Good list, I’m looking into getting a Sams Club card soon to save a bit on the grocery bill, every bit helps.

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