10 Free Ways to Have Fun

free funHave you ever wanted to do something without taking out your credit card and swiping? I think most families would agree that saving money is high on their priority list especially if they have kids. So, I have compiled 10 free activities that don’t cost a dime!

1. Go to the beach – My husband and I have the luxury of driving a few minutes and being at the beach. Some of you don’t. However, I’m sure there are lakes somewhere around you! Take your family and soak up some rays. Or if you want it to be a boy excursion take a few fishing rods and head out to catch some trout. You’re not only having fun without paying for anything, but you’re getting free food too!

2. Play a game – At night when we have nothing else to do I suggest a board game. It stimulates your brain and it gets you laughing! Turn off that noisy TV and interact with each other.

3. Throw a Frisbee – I love playing Frisbee and always have. This is especially fun at the beach or near some water. But if you don’t have either just find a grassy knoll and pitch that Frisbee as far as you can! I also saw that Target carries a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee. How cool is that? Who wouldn’t want to play Frisbee in the dark?!

4. Go to the library – You can find events your community at your library as well. Most often they are free. I really like checking out books and even movies. It’s nice to be able to read a bookwithout paying for it. I’ve always been an avid reader and ever since I can remember I have loved the library. Get your kids in on it young and you’ll instill a love for reading in them early!

5. Go to your local park – Even as an adult I love to swing. Take your significant other and your kids, if you have them, and go play at the park! Parks are often so peaceful and a great place to get away from the busy hubbub of life.

6. Ride bikes – This is not only great exercise, but a lot of fun! There are many places that have trails where you can go riding. It just depends on how adventurous you are! There are trails for thrill-seekers and trails for those who just want an easy ride. Either way take your bikes out, wipe off the dust, and start riding!

7. Roller blading – I used to do this all the time as a kid! My brother and I cleared out the garage and used it as a place to play hockey. I was always outside playing. Unfortunately, put me in a pair of skates today and I’d run into the nearest mailbox. I’m not too coordinated anymore. However, I’d love to give it another try someday. This is a great activity and talk about burning some calories!

8. Swim – If you have a pool in your neighborhood why not pack up a lunch and spend the day at it? If not, perhaps ask a friend and see if you can come to their house and bask in the sun. Our gym and complex have a pool. We love both and try to take advantage of it as much as we can. After all, I am always a fan of something that is free!

9. Picnic – Pack up a picnic basket and head off on a trail somewhere then when you get tired and hungry stop to eat. Not only are picnics romantic, but they are inexpensive. Plus, you get to spend time in the great outdoors which is great for your overall health!

10. Free Local Concerts – Every community has concerts that go on each month. Do a little Google search and I guarantee you can find some free concerts in your area. It is also a great way to stay abreast on any new bands that are becoming popular! 

Use your imagination and the sky is the limit! You don’t have to spend money to have a good time. Save your money and think outside the box! So, what do you do for fun that is relatively inexpensive or free? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. I live next to a beach now (about an hour away but still pretty close compared to how far I was living from one at my last home) and I have yet to go to it! I just bought some roller-blades to so I’d love to skate by the beach sometime soon.

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