Save a Small Fortune with a Better Broadband and TV Deal

Shopping for appropriate broadband deals can be daunting since they are many available packages with differences in speeds and data levels. Choosing the right package is critical, and it can sometimes be tough. Here are a few tips to help you save a small fortune while selecting a broadband or a television deal:


Migrate to Freeview

Since the implementation of the digital television, you no longer have to purchase the Sky satellite dish so as to access extra channels on your television. You can easily access digital channels via a Freeview set top box. Although the Freeview boxes don’t have hundreds of channels, they transmit over 40 channels including E4 and CBBC. The cheapest Freeview set top box retail at around £20 meaning that you can save as much as £172 annually since there is no any monthly subscription you are required to pay. You can check if your location is covered at Conduct a critical analysis of the TV programs that you usually watch. There is no point in paying for Sky Sports if you rarely watch it.


Switch Broadband Suppliers

In the modern world, the cheapest broadband deal starts at around £7.50 in a month which includes the rental line. Four years ago, the most affordable broadband connection was priced at £27 per month. The recently enacted Ofcom rules for switching between broadband suppliers makes the process less cumbersome. Making a decision of switching from the most expensive broadband provider in the market to the cheapest saves you approximately £20 per month or £240 annually. Specialist broadband switching sites such as Broadband Choices Site may help you to find the cheapest broadband provider in your area. Alternatively, you may use mainstream comparison sites such as to find the most suitable provider for you.


Critically Analyse Your Broadband Needs

Before looking at what is offered by the various vendors, understand what you need that best suits your daily needs to avoid paying for what you don’t use. You can discuss your needs with your ISP to help you establish the most appropriate package for you. Depending on what your internet usage, you are either a light user or heavy user. You may end up saving some little money if you bundle together your phone and broadband together with your TV package.

Check Out for the Contract Length

In every contract you are going to sign, there is the minimum contract length meaning that if you decide to migrate before the minimum period expires then you may end up paying the provider some money. In recent days, the minimum contract length seems to be getting longer hence favoring the vendors. Check for the duration and any fines that you shall be required to pay in case you opt out earlier.


Understand What the Speeds Mean

The upload performance refers to the speed at which your files are sent through the internet. These data may include videos, pictures, music or documents. On the other hand, download performance is the speed it takes for you to receive files and information over the internet. ISPs have a task force of experts whose main work is to make customers stay so if you are considering switching to another ISP, then you are poised to start receiving incentives and lower prices from your current provider. This shouldn’t stop you as long as you have done proper research and established that other providers are much affordable and offer excellent services than your current provider. Alternatively, you may use the figures from your research to try and negotiate a better deal from your broadband provider. You have to understand that when you are switching between providers, you shall have to wait for approximately two weeks for the whole process to be completed.This is because your current provider shall try to convince you to stay and if you insist that you are leaving, they tend to delay giving you the migration code. On the other hand, your new provider shall need some time to conduct a background check on you to establish that you are a reliable customer who pays for the services on time.


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