5 Tips that Helped Me Graduate College Debt Free

Graduating college is not easy.  But graduating debt free is an even greater feat to accomplish.  I knew that when I signed up for my first course.  However, as daunting as it all seemed, I trucked along determined to not only complete college, but to complete it without debt. You can graduate college debt free […]

What causes the stock market to crash? The 2008 Financial Crisis

Recent Stock Market Crashes – What Happened? Stock market crashes are brutal. Some people lose their entire life savings, some people go even further and take their own lives. Stock market crashes, bubbles, whatever you wish to call them, date back as far as 1637. In 1637, in the Netherlands, trading for bulbs of tulips […]

What Causes the Stock Market to Crash? A Look at Black Monday

Are you expecting logic when it comes to the stock market? Well don’t. Your sanity and your pocketbook depend on it. What causes the stock market to do anything hinges on three things – fear, greed, and manipulation. The stock market is a zero sum gain, one person buys a stock for a dollar while […]

What Is APR? A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Annual Percentage Rates [Infographic]

I’m no fan of Bank of America whatsoever, but they’re doing us a solid here by creating this “What Is APR” Infographic. If you’re like millions of credit card holders, you may not know exactly what APR is or how it’s calculated. Reading this little Beginner’s Guide will be helpful. You know that people are […]

529 Educational Savings Plan

If you want to save for your children, grandchildren, or other beneficiaries’ college this is the fund you’re looking for. We have to go back to 1996, which was when the 529 saving plan was created. Oddly enough, 529 is the section in the Internal Revenue Code used to govern the guidelines for this saving plan. […]

Target Retirement Date Mutual Funds – Is it really that easy?

Why choosing a fund based on your age may not always be your best option. Target Date Funds have gained in popularity since their introduction in the early 90’s.  And for good reason, they reduce something as complex as investing and retirement planning down to one single factor – your age.  These funds, also known as […]

Avoid the Debt Collector

Debt collectors are supposed to abide by the rules set forth in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Old practices such as harassing you at work, calling you late at night, calling your employer, and threatening you with false information are forbidden. This act applies to third party collectors as well. Some states have […]

Tax Preparation Tips

Tax preparation is a lot of work now and a little work through out the year. That little bit will make a huge difference now, when it seems like you’re busier then ever. It is important that you do your taxes correctly each year. Tax returns that contain errors on them could be rejected by […]

How Trustworthy is Google for Financial Advice?

Between work and personal stuff I probably use Google on average 30 times a day. When I have a financial question, especially during tax season, I Google it. When I’m looking for retirement saving strategies and advice, I Google it. But Google itself is not a source of financial advice. Google is an aggregation of […]

Financial Carnival for Young Adults

Want to trump fear and make your finances grow? I’ve gathered insights from some of the best minds on budgeting, business, and investing. Check out this burgeoning list of free money wisdom. This financial “carnival” for young adults is hosted around the web, and you can submit articles at Blogger Carnivals or Blog Carnival HQ. Tony @ […]